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Optimizing resources, increasing efficiency and maximizing productivity is inevitable for any business to survive and remain competitive. The small businesses face more operational challenges compared to the large enterprises. They need to be more agile and productive with limited resources. Such businesses need to explore new communication alternatives that come with a lower acquisition cost, lower the day-to-day operational costs and deliver productivity boosting features.

Modern communication systems are versatile, in hand with latest technologies and bring-in advance features and functionalities. But, majority of these communication systems are built for much higher capacities and call for an equally large investment. Thereby, only those from the enterprise cadre seem to be the leveraging the benefits of these advance systems.To extend these benefits to the small businesses, the communication system should offer an affordable solution along with every desired connectivity and resource to work more responsively and productively.

Matrix Presents, ETERNITY NE – The Next Generation IP-PBX built to mature today’s nascent businesses into flourished enterprises, breaking the confines of conventional telephony systems. Right from its perception, each and every attribute of ETERNITY NE revolves around the needs of the small businesses. ETERNITY NE brings complete synergy of the wired, wireless and packet based communication into the SMB premise. The multi-functional persona of NE wipes out the need of investing in multiple devices. With the superior features that it delivers, it puts any small business at par to compete actively with the constantly evolving and challenging surrounding.

Key Differentiators


ETERNITY NE integrates the legacy and new-generation communication technologies to offer a converged solution. It offers connectivity to all sought networks - POTS, GSM, UMTS (3G) and VoIP on a single platform. The small businesses can now use the cost-effective Voice-over-IP (VoIP) networks for long-distance calling. Mobile networks can be leveraged to avail the benefits of cost and connectivity. The reliable POTS networks still remain an integral part of the communication system.


ETERNITY NE comes in a standard configuration of analog trunk lines and analog and digital extensions for start-up businesses with basic requirements. Its modular design offers the flexibility to integrate GSM, UMTS (3G) and VoIP on the same platform in form of optional,field-pluggable modules. Voice Mail functionality can also be availed with an optional module. An organization can thereby choose its own preferred mix of communication technolgies and functionalitiesand integrate them as and when desired.


Yesterday’s innovations turn into today’s legacy devices, while technology still keeps evolving. New technologies keep emerging and evolving dynamically. Such dynamism is difficult to be adapted and much more difficult for the smaller ones. Fear of transition to new technology and means, heavy investments in newer, multiple systems and the concern for existing telephony system, infrastructure and terminals becoming unusable; holds one from adapting a new communication means.

ETERNITY NE allows for a smooth migration from the old analog telephone system to a new-age IP-PBX and at the same time values original investment made in telephone sets and installation set-ups. ETERNITY NE offers connectivity to the wired POTS, wireless GSM/UMTS(3G) and packet IP networks. The converged platform supports analog and digital extensions along with the new-age mobile and IP extensions. This facilitates seamless communication between multiple networks, using a variety of user endpoints.

The multi-function persona of NE reduces the total cost of ownership eliminating the need to invest in third-party equipments such as Auto Attendant, Voice Mail system, Fixed Cellular Terminal, Gateways or SIP servers.


ETERNITY NE is an all-integrated IP-PBX with embedded Registrar, Proxy and Presence Server. Up to 16 IP local or remote extensions can be registered with the Registrar Server. The integrated Proxy server performs various call control functions. ETERNITY NE can also register itself as a client with the SIP proxy of a service provider. The services availed thereby can be shared among the various IP users. The integrated Presence server delivers advance features across the IP extensions. An IP key Phone; a soft phone or any device with SIP client may work as an IP extension of ETERNITY NE.

Unlike other IP-PBXs, it provides connectivity to POTS, GSM and UMTS (3G) networks and supports analog, digital and mobile extensions. Irrespective of the networks or the end user devices used, ETERNITY NE allows seamless call routing between various networks and delivers similar features across all user endpoints.

Portable Extensions

Teleworkers can connect to ETERNITY NE and its registered users from anywhere, registering their IP extensions to the integrated SIP server of NE. The remote users log in to the SIP server with a user-ID and authentication password.  A change in user location does not necessitate a change in contact-ID.

The IP extension may be registered using fixed-line IP connectivity or the Wi-Fi connectivity. Even in non-availability or absence of wired internet/Wi-Fi connection, users can still register with the SIP server over the GSM/UMTS (3G) mobile networks.

ETERNITY NE offers two slots to accommodate GSM/UMTS (3G) interface cards with one SIM per slot. These SIMs can also wirelessly connect to the data services offered by mobile networks and facilitate VoIP Calling.

A remote user’s connectivity is maintained even when behind a NAT or firewall. The embedded Dynamic DNS client ensures a remote user can register to the IP-PBX configured for a dynamic IP without any hassle.

Call Forking

IP based communications offer wider terminal options such as an IP phone, a softphone or mobile with SIP client. SIP provides a mechanism called Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), mapping a user's identity to multiple devices. With ETERNITY NE, up to three such devices can be programmed for a single user. So, when a call is initiated, the same is attempted to all (3) user terminals in parallel, known as call forking.

A user now experiences extended connectivity, no matter whether he uses an office IP phone or his cell phone (with SIP client) while on tour or a soft phone to communicate. The user can pick-up the call from any of the active extension. This also eliminates the need to keep a track of multiple contact addresses of a person.

Global User Groups

Multiple extensions can be grouped under a User Group. This facilitates call reception between pre-defined users. On reception of a call, the extensions will ring according to the assigned priorities. With NE supporting IP extensions, the members of a single group can be dispersed across locations.

Presence Awareness

Calling from one end of the world, the caller has no surety whether the callee at the other end is available or not. The Integrated presence server of ETERNITY NE maintains and distributes among its users, the presence status of all the registered IP users. Statuses such as, availability of the users (online, offline), their willingness to participate in a communication session (busy, available on phone, out of office and others) and also the preferred mode of communication (call or text messaging) are maintained.

Presence status determines a user’s availability and preferred mode of communication, even before a communication session is initiated. Presence notifies that a colleague is available to talk and then uses SIP messages to negotiate the means of communication and establish the actual communication session. Knowing a user's status, it is possible to reach a right contact, in right time and on the right terminal.

An IP extension user can alter his presence status at his will and intimate the same to others, instantly, through a Presence and IM client. A caller can view the status of other colleagues on any presence leveraging extension and thereby attempt a call only when the other party is available, reducing the number of failed calling attempts.

Instant Messaging (IM)

Instant Messaging is a popular and convenient mode of communication. Ability to communicate via text messages, adds an additional and easy means to communicate with colleagues. Further, with most IM clients, it is possible to alter one’s availability status and intimate the same to others, instantly. ETERNITY NE identifies the users as Presentities (whose status is to be viewed) and Watchers (one who needs to know the status of another user). A Watcher SUBSCRIBES (requests) the presence server for the status of presentity. If the presenter has PUBLISHED (intimated) his status, the watcher can be NOTIFIED (informed) about the status of presentity. An administrator can grant certain users the right to not PUBLISH their status, yet avail the presence and IM functionality.


Business today has crossed geographic boundaries and so organizations tend to have more and more branch offices along with the workforce roaming in-between the branches and across the geography. These mobo workers leave back their extensions at the office desk and stay disconnected or else use multiple devices and contacts -work, home and multiple cell numbers. The more devices one uses, the more contact-IDs others need to remember in order to reach him. Instead of being user-centric, communication becomes device-centric, leaving it for the callers to guess the device which the callee may be using at an instant. Usage of separate devices and multiple numbers, connecting as a third-party to one’s own colleagues and the inability to leverage any features of the high-end systems, hinders the productivity of this challenged workforce.

Mobility Extensions
With support of mobility extensions, ETERNITY NE replicates the functionalities of desk phones on a user’s mobile phone. This allows the field workers to make and receive calls and use system features, while roaming on field, using their standard mobile devices. The mobile users can leverage PBX functions like Transfer, Forward, Voice Mail, Directory Dial, Conferencing and others. ETERNITY NE offers the connectivity to GSM/UMTS(3G) networks with an optional module. It supports all popular frequency bands of GSM/UMTS(3G) networks. Use of a particular frequency band is user selectable.

Direct Inward System Access (DISA)-Automatic
This feature allows a mobile user to access the system without the need to provide any authentication details. A user gets system access based on his CLI. The system can remember 999 such numbers and whenever the user calls the system, it automatically grants him access to dial internal extensions, make long distance or international calls using system trunk resources and access various system features.