SME ( Small Medium Enterprise )

Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) IP-PBX is a more feature-rich PBX adopting open standards enabling added flexibility. SME PBX is suitable for 40-120 users for both local extensions and remote extensions that is connecting by IP infrastructure. SME PBX is a scalable PBX solution featuring a range of traditional telephony and emerging VoIP technologies.The strength of this PBX are the advanced features including voicemail and voice conference system, unified messaging system, IVR and autoattendant, and music on hold.SME IP-PBX support various interface for connecting IP Telephony network to PSTN network using T1/E1 ISDN and POTS trunks.

Eternity PE / GE

Optimizing resources, increasing efficiency and maximizing productivity is inevitable for any business to survive and remain competitive. The small businesses face more operational challenges compared to the large enterprises. They need to be more agile and productive with limited resources. Such businesses need to explore new communication alternatives that come with a lower acquisition cost, lower the day-to-day operational costs and deliver productivity boosting features.

Modern communication systems are versatile, in hand with latest technologies and bring-in advance features and functionalities. But, majority of these communication systems are built for much higher capacities and call for an equally large investment. Thereby, only those from the enterprise cadre seem to be the leveraging the benefits of these advance systems.To extend these benefits to the small businesses, the communication system should offer an affordable solution along with every desired connectivity and resource to work more responsively and productively.

Matrix Presents, ETERNITY NE – The Next Generation IP-PBX built to mature today’s nascent businesses into flourished enterprises, breaking the confines of conventional telephony systems. Right from its perception, each and every attribute of ETERNITY NE revolves around the needs of the small businesses. ETERNITY NE brings complete synergy of the wired, wireless and packet based communication into the SMB premise. The multi-functional persona of NE wipes out the need of investing in multiple devices. With the superior features that it delivers, it puts any small business at par to compete actively with the constantly evolving and challenging surrounding.

MITEL 3300

The family of Mitel 3300 Controllers provides the flexibility to deploy the Mitel Communications Director (MCD) software in many environments – as a full IP-PBX with all services, trunks, and legacy connections integrated; as a media gateway for larger networks; or as a connection to legacy services for those choosing to run the MCD software on Industry Standard Servers, or as the enterprise edge for centralized networks that require survivable solutions for their remote sites.

The CX and CXi Controllers can be deployed for the smaller business, or as part of the enterprise edge for large networks – in this capacity, the controllers can either be deployed as a survivable branch solution for centralized deployments, or as a dedicated PBX operating as part of a larger distributed network.

The MXe Controller offers greater scalability in terms of user and trunk capacity, and also offers hard drive and power redundancy.The MXe Server can operate as a high density user controller for larger enterprise deployments.The AX Controller is ideal for high density analog requirements, either as a stand-alone solution or as part of a larger network deployment.

Key Features

Cost SavingsLeast Cost Routing (LCR)

ETERNITY NE helps to reduce telecom cost significantly by intelligently placing outgoing calls depending up on time of call, number dialled or the network to be used.
ServiceVoice Mail

The integrated Voice Mail in ETERNITY NE is designed to deliver all possible voice applications which typically require an external Voice Mail System.


ETERNITY NE can be instructed by the user to keep dialing a busy number repeatedly, till the call gets through. The system can be set for auto-redial priority as low or high, wherein the redial intervals and the number of redial attempts vary depending on the priority.

Cost SavingsCall Duration Control

This call control feature is used to disconnect calls after a pre-defined duration.A caller can be indicated of the disconnection with a warning tone, few minutes prior to the disconnection.Such control can be exercised selectively over the users.

Cost SavingsAuto Attendant

A built-in auto attendant enhances the customer calling experience. It keeps an organization running 24×7, greets callers depending upon the time of the day, plays music when customers are on hold, allows the caller to directly reach an extension without operator assistance and does it all in a smooth and pleasant manner. ETERNITY NE can handle up to 5 calls simultaneously, a virtually impossible feat to accomplish for a human operator.

ETERNITY NE supports up to 6 users, office or field employees to participate in a single conference without compromising the speech quality.

ProductivitySystem Call Back

ETERNITY NE recognizes a list of numbers as its trusted callers and allows them to access system features and resources remotely. Making it simpler, these trusted numbers receive a call back on their mobile phone by just leaving a miss call on the system’s mobile port. On answering the call, these users can be granted system access or landed to the operator or else given a direct inward dial access. Such a call back mechanism brings added benefit of centralizing call billing as the remote workers only need to place a miss call and it is the system which then takes over the complete call activity.